Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Basement: Laminate vs. Luxury Vinyl

Nov 6, 2023

When it comes to basement renovations, selecting the right flooring is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. At Yours Construction, we understand the importance of quality and durability, especially in a basement setting. In this blog, we’ll compare two popular flooring options - Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring - and explain why we highly recommend laminate, specifically from planchers1867, made in Germany, for your basement needs.

Understanding the Basics: Luxury Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) is known for its ability to mimic the look of hardwood or stone thanks to advanced printing technology. It's made primarily from PVC, which makes it exceptionally resistant to moisture - a key consideration for basements. However, it's worth noting that while LVF is durable, it may not offer the same level of quality and comfort as other materials.

Laminate Flooring, on the other hand, consists of several layers - a bottom layer for stability, a core layer, a decorative layer that mimics the look of natural wood, and a wear layer for protection. It's this layered construction that gives laminate flooring its renowned durability and aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Laminate for Your Basement?

1. Superior Quality Material: Laminate flooring, especially the kind we source from planchers1867, is engineered in Germany to the highest standards. This ensures a product that's not just visually appealing, but also long-lasting and resilient.

2. Enhanced Sound Insulation: Basements can often carry sound. Laminate flooring offers better sound insulation, reducing the travel of noise and creating a quieter environment.

3. Improved Insulation Properties: Laminate's layered structure provides better insulation compared to LVF. This is a critical feature for basements, which can be prone to cold temperatures.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: Laminate flooring offers a richness and depth in its appearance that is hard to replicate. The high-quality printing and texturing make it almost indistinguishable from real wood.

The Yours Construction Advantage

At Yours Construction, we don’t just sell flooring; we provide solutions tailored to your renovation needs. Here’s how we can help:

- Expert Consultation: Our team has the expertise to guide you in selecting the best flooring option for your basement, considering factors like moisture levels, usage, and overall design.

- Quality Products: We exclusively recommend and supply laminate flooring from planchers1867. Renowned for its quality and durability, this German-made flooring is an investment in your home’s future.

- Professional Installation: Proper installation is key to ensuring the longevity of your flooring. Our skilled professionals ensure that your laminate flooring is installed to perfection, guaranteeing optimal performance and aesthetics.

- Aftercare Support: We stand by our products and services. Our team is always ready to assist you with any post-installation queries or concerns.


While both Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring have their merits, for basement renovations, laminate flooring stands out as the superior choice. With its unparalleled quality, sound and insulation properties, and aesthetic appeal, laminate flooring from planchers1867 is our recommended choice for your basement renovation needs. Contact Yours Construction today to find the perfect flooring solution for your home!